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Heard this word from Lie to me Season 3 Episode 6.

plonk‧er [countable] British English informal not polite

an offensive word for a stupid person

Plonker is a slang term of British origin whose meaning has evolved over time. Partridge in the third edition of his A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English in 1949 recorded the term as "low" slang for penis, "since ca. 1917". The term remains in recent use with that meaning.

By 1966, the term had also acquired the meaning of a man who let his girlfriend sleep with his male friends,[1] and in the 1980s had a new meaning of a stupid or inept person. This meaning gained very wide circulation through its frequent use in Only Fools and Horses, and has entered common usage.[2]


plonker (plural plonkers)

  1. (British, slang, mildly pejorative) A fool
  2. (British, slang, dated) A man who sanctions sexual relationships between his girlfriend and his male friends.



P.S. Strangely, Merriam-Webster Dictionary online does not have the word.


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