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\ˈhər-ˌsüt, ˈhir-, ˌhər-ˈ, hir-ˈ\

Definition of HIRSUTE


: hairy 1


: covered with coarse stiff hairs <a hirsute leaf>

hir·sute·ness noun

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Examples of HIRSUTE

  1. <wore a hirsute mask as part of his werewolf costume>

Origin of HIRSUTE

Latin hirsutus; akin to Latin horrēre to bristle — more at horror

First Known Use: 1621

Related to HIRSUTE

Synonyms: bristly, brushy, cottony, fleecy, furred, furry, hairy, rough, shaggy, silky, unshorn, woolly (also wooly)

Antonyms: bald, furless, glabrous, hairless, shorn, smooth

Related Words: bearded, bewhiskered, mustachioed (also moustachioed), whiskered; stubbled, stubbly; downy, fluffy, fuzzy, linty, nappy

Near Antonyms: beardless, shaved, shaven



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