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On 13/10/2007, John Ballinger <john@bluespark.co.nz> wrote:


The font size issue was broken by AIR beta2, so I have to find that.  I have just finished system tray support but I want to add in notification support before I release it so it coming. I don’t see any real practical reason for the public timeline and don’t really want to develop that.

Re-the sent, currently I only show what Twitter returns from their API, really they should show your messages inline with the messages you have sent.  Sent wouldn’t make that much sense in a separate view and then it comes down to a  lot more work.

Several people have commented about the 140 char limit.  I don’t enforce it as that would make it harder to edit your message should you go over the limit, eg pasting a URL at the end.  You can see in the title bar the message limit, it would be better if it was closer to the actual text input but I have been working really hard to remove clutter from the UI, so put the current char count in the title bar worked quite well.  What I think I will do is ad a little tiny balloon that appears just above the text field when you type and shows you the char limit. That could work nicely.  OR allow you to type for as long as you like and send 2xmsgs just like SMS does when you go over you 160 char limit. Why not send 2x messages? Or 3x. That could be quite handy sometimes.  Any for Tweetr users re-combine them?  Will see.

Thanks for the comments. John.

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Hi There,

Somehow, I don’t think I can really change the font size. It looks the same from 7-11. I want it to be smaller, so that I can see more twits in one small window.

And here are some more comments on the tweetr.

  • Apart from ‘inbox’ in Direct Messages, perhaps there should be ‘sent?’
  • Can the counter of 140 letters move to the bottom of the page near the text entering box? It’s easier to notice. Or, do not allow us to add more letters after we reach the max. The letters after 0, i.e. -1, -2, -n, do not show up anyway.
  • How about ‘Public Timeline?’

All for now. Thanks

PS. I’m using Windows OS, btw.

And.. perhaps, an option for minimise the window to the system tray.. ?


Thanks a lot


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snitter snitter @escribitionist Snitter doesn’t do TinyURL. Twitter does it automatically…most of the time. Thinking of using Snurl b/c it starts with SN. about 17 hours ago from Snitter in reply to escribitionist Icon_star_empty

me: @snitter what you mean when you say Twitter does TinyURL? However, I know your app does without clicking ‘insert tinyurl.’ its automatic. about 17 hours ago from Snitter in reply to snitter Icon_star_empty Icon_trash

me: @snitter just tried thru twitter site if you could see.. and i still see the full version. http://labs.adobe.com/downl… about 18 hours ago from Snitter in reply to snitter Icon_star_empty Icon_trash

me: @snitter and agree with ‘snurl’ :D suits the snitter. about 18 hours ago from Snitter in reply to snitter Icon_star_empty Icon_trash

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Spaz-qs_normal spaz I am releasing an update today that should fix the error messages you’re seeing in Spaz. Snitter is a great app too, though! about 18 hours ago

me: just realised that i’m in your ‘following’ list. so i can send my comments on spaz here? and thanks for the dm re the new released version. about 18 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz yes, you can certainly contact me either via reply or dm about Spaz here. about 16 hours ago

me: just recalled one thing. i think spaz doesn’t support ‘thai font’ :) i’m from thailand, btw. fyi. about 7 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz It’s a known issue with AIR HTML apps that non-US English keyboards aren’t supported properly, unfortunately. about 5 hours ago

me: hmmm.. tweetr support both reading and typing in thai though (snitter supports reading but not typing). about 4 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz That’s because Tweetr is written in Flex/Flash, and Snitter is an HTML app (like Spaz). As I said, it’s an issue with AIR *HTML* apps. about 4 hours ago

me: i see.. thanks :) sorry, i dont have much knowledge abt software for developers though. :p about 4 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz 8) it’s okay. You can’t tell if you’re just using the apps. I’d rather people ask than just assume it’s a bug with Spaz. about 4 hours ago

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