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Thursday, 16 August 2007 § Leave a comment

Rarely see my mum cry because of work or colleagues (She cries sometimes when we both argue). She is so strong. But yesterday evening, it happened.

She called and her voice sounded strange. When asked, she said she was angry with someone at her office. When we met, she told the story.

She was asked to do an extra job of other company (owned by her boss’ son) that is not under her responsibility. She was asked to do because she was skillful in accounting stuff. Unfortunately, when she works extra, she never gets paid for it.

Some outsiders, who just see her work extra, always think that she gets paid extra. Thus, when my mum spends some time on the extra work, which there is nobody wanting to take responsibility, she is monitored.

And last night, her colleague talked to her sarcastically, ‘What are you doing? What are you guys doing with the extra work?’

She does not have to do that, for god’s sake! She did help because the job was from her boss’ son, who is nice to and respects her, while she does not get paid at all!

Why can’t those people handle the job themselves them? Why asked my mother? Why made her upset and shed her tears! Damn it!

I told my mum that if she was not happy with the work she did, just quit. At my current salary, I believe I can take care of her although without her salary, we may not be able to over-spend as usual.

We will survive anyway.



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