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Friday, 5 January 2007 § Leave a comment

I fall in love with this Korean series now, My Girl. Phew.. hope I have the love like that! Well, it might be a day-dreaming, but at least the series has made me smile all day(sss) long.. :)

Thanks to my cousin who shared this DVD with me. It is fabulous! Thanks Lsis.


My Girl OST Online (Credited: Jason Tan)


The series made me more optimistic towards love. It encouraged me and reminded me that one day I will find my own love.

Love that will drive me through any obstacles.
Love that will be covered with understanding.
Love that will not lose when I meet the other person.
Love that will be with me forever.

My heart is beating every time I think of the story, their love, and their lives.

Although this is just a drama, I believe it is partly from our real lives. Dramas are not a non-sense stuffs, but they can encourage, support, and convince people in doing whatever they may have thought they could not.

I am one of those people.


Love is all around, waiting for me somewhere. When it is time, I will bump into it.

With love.


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