Thursday, 5 June 2008 § Leave a comment

[Boss] asked me what he should tell [another boss] if he would be asked about my availability for the trip?

Well, honestly, I am not really in that so-excited and so-keen-to-go mood now. That feeling has been faded away for a while.

Instead, I started to be unsure about what I am expected to do and whether I will really like what I will be asked to handle. I might get struggled if I have to do something I do not like and am not in to it.

Despite saying anything, I just keep quiet and see what to do next or what will happen next. That’s better for now.

During this time, I keep doing what I have been doing, play around my ways, get out of my path a little bit, and then I will come back to my should-be life. Also, I will look around and see if there is anything out there that may suit me more.





Tuesday, 8 April 2008 § Leave a comment

Discussed about the 1-month UK trip with my boss again today. He would have a meeting with the COO today’s afternoon and one of the agenda is about my trip, so we talked first in the morning.

Well, okay to go but need more explanation on expectations when I am back.

Finishing uni on 20th April, and then Exit Trip (uni) on 10th-11th May.

I will be free after that. The UK trip should should be some time soon then if there is nothing changed (unless they do not want me to go anymore.. :p).



Told my boss that if I will be there around June, I can go see the Craig David concert. And then my boss asked me to check a boatshow in UK.. LOL.. perhaps, I can go. Unfortunately, no boatshow during the time, anyway.


Update later.

Sales & Marketing*

Friday, 29 February 2008 § Leave a comment

Just being asked by my boss whether I had thought of the offer to have a training in UK, I said I was considering that.

My boss added that since Shoji (Japanese salesrep) saw a potential in Thailand, he recommended we had a sales. Sandy (bigger boss) said that I might be able to handle both Sales & Marketing, and I go to UK for a product training.

That is very interesting. I have more idea what I am expected to do there. This is more than just web developing, but also product training.

Interesting, innit? :)

UK Again*

Tuesday, 26 February 2008 § Leave a comment


Or going to UK would be something that causes me to keep working here longer although the work may not be interesting?

Hmm.. but I do not know if the job I am going to touch on would be interesting or not until I try it.

Hope my bosses would not change their mind of having me there as I want to see what they have for me to learn there and if that is going to be interesting.



Monday, 25 February 2008 § Leave a comment

Two big bosses came from UK to stop over in Thailand office for a day.

At the end of the day before they left for Singapore, Sandy talked to me and asked if I would be interested in visiting and working in UK for a short while (Jeff said a month) to learn, know more people, and gain more experiences related to marketing from there.

I believe she talked about this with me herself because Jeff could not fully convince me to go there. And I always said I did not want to go there and did nothing.

Sandy told me there would be a lot of things for me to help and to do there. I would learn and bring some knowledge back to Thailand.


It is impressing that Sandy talked to me herself. I do not mean that I was not impressed when Jeff said the same thing to me, but I was not sure that Sandy would really want me to go. I thought that was because of Jeff’s support.

Her talking to me encourages me more, somehow.


Plus, Tri knew of this when he was here and he said it was a good opportunity to gain more experience.


So, I would go after my graduation in April and Exit Trip in May/ June, and perhaps around July would be a good timing.

Thanks for the opportunity, Jeff.

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