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Discussed about the 1-month UK trip with my boss again today. He would have a meeting with the COO today’s afternoon and one of the agenda is about my trip, so we talked first in the morning.

Well, okay to go but need more explanation on expectations when I am back.

Finishing uni on 20th April, and then Exit Trip (uni) on 10th-11th May.

I will be free after that. The UK trip should should be some time soon then if there is nothing changed (unless they do not want me to go anymore.. :p).



Told my boss that if I will be there around June, I can go see the Craig David concert. And then my boss asked me to check a boatshow in UK.. LOL.. perhaps, I can go. Unfortunately, no boatshow during the time, anyway.


Update later.


My Familiar Road*

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My Familiar Road magnify



This road is in a sub-district of Nong Sarai (meaning ‘a swamp of seaweeds’), district of Pakchong, province of Nakhonratchaseema (or locally called Korat), and country of Thailand.

Oh, well.. so what is the name of the road? Hmm.. Image I really don’t know!

Do you have a place, shop, park, reataurant or town that you feel relaxed and warm every time you go there?

I do have some, and one of them is this road.

It is the road where I visited every summer and winter (some time) during my school vacation (happy without study in rural area) when I was still a youngster (well, I am still young today.. LOL). And my mum was working in Bangkok.

I was with my maternal uncles, aunts, cousins and grandma. We did not travel much. Instead, I was living in/on a cosy house, town, road, area and atmophere with the kind and caring relatives and neighbours.

Nothing made a kid like me (at the time) delighted as much as that! The best time of the year, I would say!

P. S. My ex-boyfriend’s relatives also live in this district (different sub-district though). I also talked on the phone with his auntie when I was there last weekend.

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